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Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Efacec is a world class supplier of Generation, Transmission & Distribution integrated solutions and a leader in the field of electricity.

By combining Efacec's global technology with its local manufacturing and testing facilities, Efacec's North American Operations are able to offer competitive, best-in-class solutions to the North American more

Power Transformer Manufacturing Capability

CORE technology: up to 400 kV and 500 MVA
SHELL technology: up to 525 kV and 1500 MVA

Workforce in the U.S.

2013: approximately 450 employees;
Projection for 2015: 650 employees.

Financial Highlights

In 2012, received 125 Million USD in orders (10% of the total for Efacec Group).
Projection for 2015 between 19-20% of Group bookings.